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We are a family dedicated to land based farming of trout in Chile, protecting wild fish and our environment. Our land based farms have the gift of being located right under the Andes Mountain, receiving all the freshness and pureness of its spring water delivering a high quality, delicious, sustainable and minimal environment impact product. We are proud of farming trout with cero antibiotics, no scapes and year round availability for weekly deliveries.

Our Flow.



At 87 Trout, we pride ourselves on farming the finest steelhead worldwide, embracing absolute antibiotic-free approach.

Our team's dedication reflects in the unparalleled freshness and texture of our products. Cultivated in the world's purest waters, our fish embody the care bestowed upon them. Situated strategically, our facility ensures swift deliveries, optimizing our commitment to efficient service.



-  Located in the south of Chile

-  Carbon print reduction

—-  Open river flow
—-  Species: Oncorhynchus Mykiss —

-  All year round harvest
—-  2.850 MT / year
—-  Antibiotic Free – never ever
—-  Insect protein feed
—-  28 + Color Salmofan

-  No growth hormones

-  No bycatch or escapes

-  No microplastics

-  High in Omega-3s

-  100% traceable from egg to plate

Corcho de pesca


We are committed with the protection of our oceans and collaboration with our local communities on this beautiful vision of delivering the best land-based trout of the world.

Our mission revolves around consumers worldwide with top-notch, sustainable offerings. We provide an array of fresh, frozen, maintaining stringent quality checks from egg to table, ensuring excellence at every stage.


Nestled in Chilean Patagonia, our land-based rainbow trout farming stands as a beacon of sustainable aquaculture. Operating year-round, farms guarantee a consistent supply of pure, antibiotic-free trout. By nurturing trout on land, this approach minimizes environmental impact and ensures a pristine product untouched by artificial additives. It's a testament to responsible farming, harmonizing nature's bounty with top-quality product.


Our Products

Our land-based rainbow trout is available in both fresh and frozen formats, ensuring flexibility and quality. The fresh option offers the taste of just-harvested trout, while the frozen variety preserves that freshness for future enjoyment, allowing you to savor the exceptional flavor at your convenience.


Our trout is offered in two convenient cuts - TD (skin on fillets) and TE (skinless fillets). TD retains the flavorful skin, adding texture and richness to your culinary creations. Meanwhile, TE provides a skinless fillet, perfect for those preferring a more delicate dining experience.


For those seeking the full trout experience, we offer HON (Head on gutted) and HG (Headless gutted) trout. These pristine fish, prepared to perfection, provide the opportunity to enjoy the trout in its entirety, preserving its natural taste and texture throughout the cooking process.


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